Peugeot Rent Car Rental Platform



The mobility platform Peugeot Rent is a key component of the new Peugeot Brand DNA as a leading company for mobility solutions. The communication of the vehicle rental program Peugeot Rent focuses on the management of life and on the mobility needs of the customers. Independent mobility as a key criterion rather than vehicle class and price.


Conception, creation, development and maintenance of an eCommerce car rent booking platform. Technically the backend architecture integrates the fleet management system, the central PSA group customer database and the payment provider service processes. Initially launched in France the platform is prepared for an International rollout to the Key European markets.


With the launch of Peugeot Rent PSA Group enters a key market for the future of mobility. The service oriented architecture of the platform makes it possible to rollout the service to key markets in an efficient way. The user centered design and service approach provides a convenient user experience which is the basis for a high performing solution in terms of lead generations and bookings.